Great Migration Tales

It’s important to me at all times of the year to be reading about a culture that makes up half of the town I live in here in Arkansas, but especially during Black History month, I try to introduce some new aspect of African-American history at the Chino House. This year we are looking at Great Migration books. This fall, my aunt recommended The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson.  It is a sweeping history of the many decades that cover the Great Migration told in a beautiful narrative. Countless personal stories that came from Wilkerson’s personally interviewing over … Continue reading

Art Day

Happy Friday! One of my most favorite things about Fridays is that I get to watch the gal I teach alongside every day do one of the things that she was just made to do. Teach art. She is an artist, and she is a wonderful art teacher.  And on Fridays, we need art! We come in from recess and she has it all set up on the tables. A new art lesson. Last week I sat down and participated right along with the kids.  (Usually I just do crowd control.) She taught us about Jacob Lawrence. She showed us … Continue reading