Caribbean Cruise Notes: Road Trip to Our Cruise Port

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This is the third in a series of posts about a super fun birthday cruise that was planned by my friends, Sarabeth and Rhonda.  Read the first here. And the second here. The Story of 12 Women Who Went On a Cruise, Part 3: Road Trip to Our Cruise Port The day finally arrived for us to leave!  Lots of us put our kids on a bus that was going to Kids Across America (a camp in Missouri) early that morning. Then around 10am we met at our church (NOTE: This was NOT a church trip!).  Whitney and I had … Continue reading


Sometimes I go to church and I am just there.  Some Sundays I soak up little bits and pieces, trying to grasp with my hands the fleeting, holy moments as they pass me by.  And then some precious Sunday mornings are so full that I feel like if Jesus gave me the Holy Spirit to drink in a giant soup bowl, I could not be any more filled with His presence.  Yesterday was like that.  I wanted to run straight home and write about watching the baptisms and singing to the Lord with gladness.  I went to teach my sweet … Continue reading