talk it out at fellowship north

My church hosts this class once or twice a year called Talk It Out.  And I want to invite you to be a part of it. It’s a class for anyone who wants to learn more about race issues inside and outside of the church. The provided reading and listening material alone is worth the effort to participate in the class, but nothing can take the place of the unrehearsed, impromptu but guided discussions you will have face to face with someone who is different from you. To say that hearing a brother or sister alongside whom I now worship … Continue reading

silent prayer retreat

I mentioned on Monday that I got to escape last weekend. I took lots of pictures of Springlake Camp where we spent our time, a place I had not visited in many years. My favorite addition to the camp was this prayer garden that was a path deep into the woods with lots of little spots along the way inviting you to stop and be still. Even with 40 women, there was plenty of space to get off and be alone. And quiet. We went to bed giggling Friday night and got up hushed in the morning. We ate breakfast … Continue reading