Here are a few more pictures of the trail we walked and biked who knows how many times!  You can see it here running parallel to the road.  The free shuttle is coming up the hill.  Simon is enamored with the free shuttle.  In fact he would be entertained by just staying on it all day. Every time we take it, he goes on and on about how it costs NOOOO MONEEEY! In the picture above, the trail snakes through the valley away from the main road and ending at a park on the edge of Crested Butte.  It’s about … Continue reading

crested butte yoga

If you’ve been following me since our last visit to Crested Butte, you know that I enjoy some mountain yoga.  I went to four different classes the last time I was here, and wrote about every single one of them. When we first arrived, I went to check the schedules at the studio I went to last time and sadly, it had been transformed into an art studio with a pottery painting venue underneath.  No more wheat grass juice bar.  No more bikram yoga. So it took me a day or two to make it over to the new (to … Continue reading

Long Last Day: Climbing Mt Crested Butte

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Last night Taido warned us all that he would be waking us up very early for the final adventure of our Crested Butte vacation: Climbing Mt. Crested Butte. He and the kids made a list of everything we would need to take for our climb. crested butte. The big kids (ages 6, 8 and 10) picked out their clothes according to the discussion. Taido told them that it would be cold when we started out, but it would warm up throughout the morning. So he woke us up at about 5:30am. He fixed us coffee, eggs and French toast. We … Continue reading

crested butte yoga, part 3

bikram take two i went back to bikram yoga this morning. ready to sweat. hoping to go home a few pounds lighter if at all possible, though not likely with taido doing most of the cooking. each child got to plan a meal and prepare it with him. ben chose burgers, cole chose puttanesca with roasted asparagus and mp’s meal was the finale tonight…marinated flank steak, pasta with carbonara sauce and sweet potato fries. oh well, maybe i’ll lose weight next week. so things were pretty quiet at the studio sangha this morning. only three students there for hot yoga, … Continue reading

He makes the sun come up every morning

i watched the sunrise over the mountains this morning…its light painting the tops of the peaks a vivid orange, then spilling down the rock, casting a shadow over most of the valley. soon the green meadows and the evergreens at the tree line explode with color. i continue all morning to watch the light bring life as it trickles down into the valley, shrinking the shadows, making everything golden and new. i love how often the sun shines in colorado and the amazing scenery it reveals. i am reminded every time we come to colorado how much i just adore … Continue reading