a little rain

Looking at these pictures of our final hike in Crested Butte, you would never imagine for a minute that it is going to rain!  The sun is shining.  The Aspens are sparkling.  Our last day in Crested Butte was going to be nothing but magical. Everyone had said Psalm 1 to Taido, so we were off to town for the kids to claim their rewards. Instead of taking the usual path into town, we found a new one through the woods. Mary Polly and I were sort of meandering.  Not in any hurry, we were trying to soak in our … Continue reading


While Taido and the big kids are on grander adventures, Simon and I often venture out alone on short walks.  Invariably when I upload my pictures from these walks I have lots of pictures of flowers, of Simon and of Simon in the flowers. The yellow ones are my favorite. If Whitney were here, we would be having a crazy lot of fun with all these fields of wildflowers. What follows is lots of gratuitous photos of Simon playing.  I’ll be needing these entire sequences to remember him playing with his VBS cape on, with the Buzz Lightyear that was … Continue reading

i’m holding out for a hero

The week before we left to come to Colorado was VBS at our church.  Everyone in our family was participating in some capacity. I’m not sure what Taido was doing (official VBS tweeter?) but everyone else had an official role.  Mary Polly and Norhaine were shepherding kiddos around, Cole was doing puppets, I was telling stories (with an amazing partner!) and Ben and Simon were attending. The theme this year was heroes, so all the volunteers were wearing different colored capes.  Even though Simon was not officially issued a cape, he greatly benefited from the fact that five of these … Continue reading


Here are a few more pictures of the trail we walked and biked who knows how many times!  You can see it here running parallel to the road.  The free shuttle is coming up the hill.  Simon is enamored with the free shuttle.  In fact he would be entertained by just staying on it all day. Every time we take it, he goes on and on about how it costs NOOOO MONEEEY! In the picture above, the trail snakes through the valley away from the main road and ending at a park on the edge of Crested Butte.  It’s about … Continue reading

pizza and burritos

For the most part, we have cooked our food this week in our condo.  It’s a treat to cook when I’m this relaxed, and with the mountain views out the kitchen windows.  Also, I love turning on the oven and the stove without worrying about how much hotter it will make my kitchen (a constant concern back home these days). But we have a couple of favorite spots to eat in Crested Butte that our kids were not about to let us skip out on.  Besides all the various places for ice cream and other treats, our not-to-be-missed lunches in … Continue reading

crested butte yoga: outdoor version

I had such a wonderful experience at yoga my first time that I went right out the next morning and joined Monica’s outdoor yoga class.  It’s around the corner from the park.  On the outdoor stage of the Center for the Arts.  It’s separate from the studio in that the class is taught by donation and the money goes to the Center for the Arts, which seems so in keeping with the spirit of this precious town. The class was very relaxed.  Anyone new to yoga could easily join in and enjoy the slow sun salutations.  After moving through a … Continue reading

crested butte yoga

If you’ve been following me since our last visit to Crested Butte, you know that I enjoy some mountain yoga.  I went to four different classes the last time I was here, and wrote about every single one of them. When we first arrived, I went to check the schedules at the studio I went to last time and sadly, it had been transformed into an art studio with a pottery painting venue underneath.  No more wheat grass juice bar.  No more bikram yoga. So it took me a day or two to make it over to the new (to … Continue reading

mountain biking

A full day yesterday… Simon and I headed to Gunnison for the morning while the other four Chinos got out on the bikes. We rented four bikes for three days, so we’re trying to get the most out of our money while we have them. They rode the trail to town and then took a mountain biking trail that I had to rely on Mary Polly for a description of: It was incredibly hard, and I’m glad I did it, but I do NOT want to do it again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve expressed that exact … Continue reading

Crested Butte Hiking Trails: Judd Falls

judd falls hike, crested butte, colorado, hiking with kids

We are escaping the Arkansas heat this week in one of our favorite spots in the whole world. Crested Butte, Colorado. We headed out this morning for our first real hike of the week.  Judd Falls.  We drove through the tiny settlement of Gothic, Colorado.  Students of all ages were out in the fields studying, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory.  This collection of cabins has got to be one of the coolest places on earth to spend a summer. We came through this same spot six years ago with my family.  That was back when there were only … Continue reading