This is Aspen.  It’s as fetching in the summer as in the winter. There is a campground called Difficult four miles from the heart of Aspen and so for about $100 you can hang out in Aspen for a week in your tent or camper.  Friends, that is a deal.  This campground fills almost every night, but we rolled in early enough to grab one of the unreservable spots.  #45.  The trees are so lovely and thickly grown in that there is great privacy in the sites.  We could hear the water running in the nearby creek.  I love to … Continue reading

pizza and burritos

For the most part, we have cooked our food this week in our condo.  It’s a treat to cook when I’m this relaxed, and with the mountain views out the kitchen windows.  Also, I love turning on the oven and the stove without worrying about how much hotter it will make my kitchen (a constant concern back home these days). But we have a couple of favorite spots to eat in Crested Butte that our kids were not about to let us skip out on.  Besides all the various places for ice cream and other treats, our not-to-be-missed lunches in … Continue reading

really home

oh yes, i’m still talking about crested butte. i could get in my car and drive back right now, even if i had to sit in a dead standstill on the highway because the interstate was flooded in oklahoma city, which is where i was when i wrote the following. taido drove the first leg from salida to walsenberg. he took this shortcut i’d forgotten about. at cotopaxi, you turn off onto a deserted mountain road that shaves a bit of time off the drive, a benefit of the many trips he and dad have made to colorado is that … Continue reading

final splash

taido and i talked the night before we left crested butte about what a great week it had been and as we started to think through our plan for leaving, he said that it would be okay with him if we left later rather than earlier. that we could still have one more full day in colorado. well, since i was still trying to figure out how we could stay forever, i was definitely game for that plan. we decided that we would call early the next morning down to noah’s ark in buena vista and if they could take … Continue reading

home, sort of

we’ve been home for about two hours.  but i heard a very wise woman say once that in order to have a wonderful vacation with your family, you have to understand that a vacation is 1/3 the planning, 1/3 the actual trip and 1/3 the memories.  this was so helpful to me.  since i heard her say that, i have tried to involve my kids more in the plans when we go somewhere.  taido is really good at this.  he has the kids make these really cute lists. anyway, according to this viewpoint, i still have 1/3 of my vacation … Continue reading