Snapshots of Lake Bolsena, Italy (Lago di Bolsena)

Snapshots of Lake Bolsena: Driving tour around the lake from Montefiascone

After enjoying the view of Lago di Bolsena from our hilltop town of Montefiascone, we decided to take a day to get closer to the water.

We could not have had a more gorgeous day, so we took our time driving all the way around the lake, stopping here and there.

We walked a bit along the water, enjoying the views and noticing wildflowers.

Then we found a gorgeous restaurant for lunch that served fish fresh from the lake, al fresco of course.

Followed by dessert. I had tiramisu which was divine.

After sitting a long time outside, we continued our drive up to the town of Bolsena, an ancient Etruscan fortress.

We parked the car and spent a couple hours wandering the town,

Climbing to the top of the walled city…

And enjoying views from the north side of Lake Bolsena (Lago di Bolsena).

But as gorgeous as the sky and sea were, our favorite corners of the town were found by following smaller lanes to dead ends or tiny shops.

We spent a good amount of time admiring pottery in Bolsena.

And perfectly situated pots of flowers.

Of which there are many.

There’s something about Europe in general, and Italy specifically, that keeps me filling up camera space with doorways and entrances.

We bought a basket of strawberries to share before heading back to Montefiascone.

We were all delighted with our slow day of meandering around Lake Bolsena. We rested for a bit before walking back into Montefiascone for our last dinner together.

What a special treat it has been to be with dear friends in Italy! I’m super grateful to Nicola and Sandra for making the journey from Aberdeen!


  1. I have really missed your travel and all posts about walking. Thanks for these.

  2. So dreamy! Glad you are having a wonderful time.

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