Snapshots of a Concert

The Head and The Heart

Back in January, I mentioned that we gave the kids tickets to events this year for Christmas presents. (Which is making Christmas last all year!)

When I took Ben and Simon to Edinburgh to see The Lion King, we made a day of it, enjoying the city and taking loads of photos. We even had an adventure.

Well this week it was Cole’s turn, but since Taido took him to Glasgow to see The Head and The Heart instead of me, there were way less pictures. Also, Taido and Cole are the two Chinos least likely to tell you all about their day, so I’ve had to just sort of piece together their experience from Instagram.

They left around lunchtime to drive from Aberdeen to Glasgow and did not get home until the middle of the night, but I think they had fun.

They both said they enjoyed the show.

The Head and The Heart, Glasgow, IG TRAVEL THURSDAY

I also know they were really close to the front, because they each put a shot up of the band performing.

Of course, there were no photos of Glasgow or whatever they had for dinner or the drive down.

The Head and The Heart, Set List, Glasgow, IG TRAVEL THURSDAY

Yesterday I was cleaning up and I found a wadded up piece of paper that normally I would have thrown away, but for some reason, I decided to ask Cole about it.

Me: Hey, is this yours?

Cole: Yes.

Me: What is it?

Cole: It’s the set list from the concert. I thought I’d keep it as a souvenir.

Me: Oh, well I almost threw it away because it’s all wadded up.

Cole: Yeah, they wadded it up at the end of the night and threw it in the audience.

Me: Wow, did you catch it?

Cole: No, Dad did.

Me: Hmm.

Y’all the stories that go untold in this house!

I’m so glad I asked, because apart from a couple of shots of the band, this image in my mind of the two of them up front, grabbing for the set list, is my one peek inside their father/son outing.

I can promise that when Mary Polly and I go to see One Direction in June, there will be a lot more photos. And stories.

I’m curious! What’s the furthest you’ve traveled for a concert?  (I think mine would have to be five hours from Little Rock to Dallas to see the Indigo Girls, back in the 90s.)

Bonus: Here’s my personal favorite The Head and The Heart song, Down in the Valley.

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