Visiting Edinburgh, Red Phone Booths, UK, Scotland

Visiting Edinburgh: Red Phone Booths

My Favorite Red Phone Booths in Scotland

Red Phone Booths, Grasmere

The bright red phone booths across the UK are always catching my eye! I have about a gazillion photos of these booths from hikes and walks and travels in the last three years. This one is from the Coast to Coast walk in Grasmere with Diane.

But there are two red phone booths that I go back to again and again.

Red Phone Booths, Edinburgh

(Hello matching Arkansas shirts for Sarabeth and me!)

They are bright and clean and always ready for your photo! Also they are right next to the cleanest free bathrooms in Edinburgh. HANDY!

Red Phone Booths, Edinburgh, Scotland

(Elizabeth and Simon. Incidentally this was Simon’s last trip to Edinburgh. He says he is never going again because “all we do is walk around…”)

These two gems are right inside the walls of Edinburgh Castle.

Speyside Sistas, Speyside Way, Macs Adventure, Whisky Trail

(Rhonda and Carol saying hello!)

When you approach the castle, you can actually get pretty far up into it before you have to present a ticket. Even if you aren’t going to the castle, you should walk up and say hello to William Wallace and Robert the Bruce who are on either side of the entrance. The ticket lines are just inside the first entrance to the right, but to the left are these two phone booths (and the bathrooms), which you can visit without a ticket. (You can also walk all the way up to the gift shop and look out from the walls that are around the ticket office to the streets below.)

Visiting Edinburgh, Red Phone Booths, UK, Scotland

I made what will mostly likely be my last trip to these bright booths in April with these two sweet friends, Donna and Tanja.

Red Phone Booths

Of course, I also love the phone booths that appear in the middle of nowhere! This one is my sister in Kirk Yetholm, Scotland along St Cuthbert’s Way (also the end of the Pennine Way).

Do you have a favorite red phone booth in the UK? Do tell me where it is!