Cauliflower Pie, In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline

Cauliflower Pie, In The Pipeline

Writing is wretched, discouraging, physically unhealthy, infinitely frustrating work. And when it all comes together it’s utterly glorious.

Ralph Peters

Yep. That’s pretty much how I feel. I did not make my goal of 50000 words for NaNoWriMo, but I have over 36000 words, and more importantly, I am really beginning to see the project take shape! I really believe it may be a book yet. I am going to continue to work on it in December and hopefully by Christmas I will have hit that word goal!

I hope you had an EXCELLENT Thanksgiving + Holiday Weekend! We have not been off for the holiday here in Scotland, but we have still been giving thanks. Also, we had some fun FaceTime with friends and family.

I only have a few links this week, since I’ve been hiding from the internet in order to write, but I’ll be back with more next week! I also have a new expat story coming up and fun pictures from Edinburgh! For now, here’s a little self promotion + some food I’ve enjoyed in the last week or so.

Things I’ve written around the World Wide Web lately:

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A new recipe for Arkansas Women Bloggers

It’s been all about the comfort food around here lately, because I need a lot of extra calories for writing. Or maybe it’s just the cold weather.

We’ve made Cauliflower Pie (pictured above) and Shepherd’s Pie.

Plus my Cheddar Potato Soup, which always makes me feel happy in the winter time.

Um, as I soon as I saw these homemade twix bars I had to have them. Take my word for it and do not make them. They are deadly.

This looks yummy to me. Maybe I’ll make it next week!

Happy Weekend Friends!