In The Pipeline, Railway Man, Pot of Tea

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline, Railway Man, Pot of Tea

Have you had a good week?

And more importantly, are you looking forward to the weekend? Mine will probably be pretty low key. I’m in the middle of this book and hoping to finish it up.

Also, I am making a cake for a bake off that Mary Polly and her friends at church have put together. (Say a little prayer for Tiny Oven 2.0)

Sometimes quiet weekends are the best though, y’all.


I missed the Oscars but I loved this wrap up and if I had been watching, I think this would have been my favorite moment. (What was yours?)

I pretty much love every picture Whitney takes, but did you also know that she dresses us when she takes our photos? Yes, that’s because she’s an expert.

Sarabeth is all poetry and beauty and honesty this week.

Loving Jerusalem’s helps for marking the season of Lent with little people.

On writing her book, Every Shattered Thing, Elora says: “I found out that human trafficking earns more per year than Nike, Starbucks and Google combined.” Come, Lord Jesus.

I keep telling my kids that personal growth hurts, but it’s soooo worth it.

This essay has got me thinking about how I define home.

That’s all for me this week. My links might be a little thin this spring because I am trying to reduce my internet hours a bit in order to write more. Y’all, the struggle!

If you get super bored, you can view every single room of our new house on Vine. Because it would be cruel to keep a toilet with a cartoon cow on it all to myself. (I kid you not.)

Hope your weekend is LOVELY!

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