KATV, Blackberry Peach Cobbler, Pipeline

In The Pipeline

KATV, Blackberry Peach Cobbler, Pipeline

It’s an exciting season at the Chino House, friends.

We’ve had a lot going on, so I thought I would do a little re-cap, plus let you know what’s in the pipeline for the rest of this month.

We made a Family Cycling Video. Have you seen it!

KATV – Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Last week, I got to make a Blackberry Peach Cobbler on TV! And I won a year’s supply of Yarnell’s Ice Cream!

I helped Sarabeth have a FREE Garage Sale where we raised over $750 for Kenya Relief and Walk For The Waiting. (We are TOTALLY doing this again on June 1st!)

We are enjoying Radio Silence at our house, so we had a Front Porch Picnic.

Sandy, Boultinghouse, Farmland, Day On A Farm

Also, I got to spend a day this week working on one of my favorite pieces of Arkansas Farmland. I can’t wait to tell you about that, just as soon as my legs stop hurting! Farming is hard work, y’all!

More fun coming:

Moss Mountain Farm, Bean 2 Blog, P Allen Smith

Next week, the entire Chino Family will be heading out to Moss Mountain Farm for a Garden Party with P. Allen Smith. Then I get to go back again a week later for Bean 2 Blog! This event was probably my favorite thing I got to do as a blogger last year, so I can’t wait to go back again!

On May 30, I’m taking my sweet mama to Northwest Arkansas for Listen To Your Mother, (starring some friends of mine!) plus we’re going to visit Crystal Bridges!

Also, our family has some crazy news! I am hoping to share all about it with you next week, but for now, I’ll just say that today we are renewing our kids’ passports.  They expired last month. Remember when we got them so we could drive our camper to Canada to go camping for the entire summer? That was five years ago, so it’s time for new ones.

Happy Weekend, Friends! I hope you have something fun planned in May!