Community Garden

Community Garden: Planting in the Dirt with Friends

Yesterday we put a vegetable garden into our backyard with lots of dear friends.  Each family has made a past effort to have a vegetable garden with varying degrees of success, so this year we decided to put all our efforts together.  The whole project has already been so much fun!!  I took years off my life in laughter yesterday as families came and went.  Friends and neighbors who dropped by our house randomly were soon working alongside of us.

The men put in the hard labor of tilling and marking off the plot with timbers. They had help from three impressive gals, who moved my entire compost pile (scraps from my kitchen from the last three years) into the garden plot.  Then Sarabeth arrived with our beloved plants from a sweet lady who grows and sells organic plants out of her own yard in her neighborhood.  We planted until the sun was down, with help from all the children.  Even Simon had a job.  He sprinkled our organic fertilizer (bat guano) into the freshly dug holes.

And now God is smiling on us with rain for our newly planted community plot.

Mary Polly, who stayed with the project from start to finish, said last night just before she fell asleep, “Mama, I’m just so happy about that garden!”

Me too.