Snapshots of Colorado Wildflowers


Colorado Wildflowers Mary Polly took a lot of pictures on our trip to Colorado this year.  In fact, everyone took a few pictures of their own and it is fun as I go through them to see our adventures from different eyes.  The boys take lots of pictures of rocks and sticks. Mary Polly took most of the pictures on one of our hikes outside of Aspen, including this series of Colorado wildflowers.  I love them!  Looking at them reminds me of all the amazing color we got to see this summer, in spite of less rainfall this year. I … Continue reading

Two Weeks in Colorful Colorado

So as I’ve been going through pictures, I realized I never put up all the pictures from our trip to Colorado last summer.  I even had the ones for the blog all picked out and in a folder. I know what happened. Every year, when our time is up in the Rockies, I drive home while Taido stays in Colorado for more adventures.  Our kids all start school just a couple of days after we get back.  We miss open house.  We throw together some school supplies and last year’s uniforms.  The kids go back to school.  We’re all exhausted, … Continue reading

my firstborn

Cole turned 15 today. He stays clear of the camera for the most part but here are a couple of shots of him we managed to get on our trip. He forged the trail this year, hiking further and further away from us. And reminding me that the distance between his path and mine grows greater every year. I’m trying to get used to the view from further away.  Sometimes I enjoy it more than others. I love watching him serve at church.  I love that he loves to fly on his mountain bike and on his own two feet.  … Continue reading

Camping in Aspen


After a few glitches on the road trip out (flat tires and lost keys and such), we had a wonderful two weeks in Colorado and Utah.  We saw new beauties and old favorites! Here are a few highlights of our first few days, which we spent in Aspen, Colorado at Difficult Campground. The Aspens and trails right around our campground were gorgeous. Lots of exploring happened right around our camper. Everyone was thrilled to be able to dig out warm clothes after June in Arkansas! Our second day we hiked a familiar Aspen trail, the Maroon Bells. It is breathtaking. … Continue reading

spring break

For the first time since 2007, I did not go to Colorado with Taido for spring break. We split up just like we did five years ago.  Taido took the oldest (and Tara) with him for the always epic Snowcamp in Colorado and I took the younger three to see my sister in Wheaton, Illinois. My mom went with me and we got an early start on Friday morning so we could be at Anna and Robert’s by suppertime. My sister is the head pastry chef at a charming little spot called Honey and she does catering on the side. … Continue reading

on the taylor river

taylor river white water rafting

A huge highlight of our time in Colorado was white water rafting with Three Rivers Outfitters on the Taylor River. We LOVE white water rafting, and as Simon is still a little young for real rapids, it was a huge treat for Peter and Whitney to let him hang with them while I went along with the big guys for the day. These pictures are from the rafting company. I love all the kids’ facial expressions so much. Bailey looks like she is fighting some sort of battle.  Ben looks terrified. Mary Polly is screaming.  Cole and Tony go back … Continue reading

road trip grateful

We’ve had a great two weeks away in Colorado and now we’re gearing up for school to start in TWO DAYS.  Yikes! I’m trying to stay focused on all the wonderful gifts of our time together in the Rockies instead of panicking about all there is to do before school. I’m listing them out one by one. It is a funny paradox that I find myself to be both a wanderer and a home body.  Now that I’m home I don’t want to leave the house, but I am also sad to have my summer wandering all finished up. So … Continue reading

Magic Carpet

I’m not gonna lie. Simon’s favorite part of Spring Break was unlimited access to Mario Cart and Toy Story 3 on the Nintendo DS in the Ski Lodge. But, he was also pretty fond of the Magic Carpet at Copper Mountain. We spent 2 1/2 hours riding this baby one afternoon. Then we went back the next day for more. Over three days of riding the magic carpet, Simon graduated from crashing into me at the bottom to crashing into the fence at the bottom to finally learning how to stop himself. Maybe next year he’ll learn how to turn.

thankful to be home

  We had an incredible time at Snowcamp 2011! As always, we’re exhausted and buried in laundry, but I am smiling every time I look out my window at my tulips! What a perfect welcome home! I have lots of pictures to share AND… I am so excited to be having my very first DRAWING on the blog this week, so check back later for something SUPER SPECIAL! I am so glad to be home.    

Cole’s First Big Climb: Mt Antero, Colorado

So when I was going through backpacking pictures from Ben’s trip to Colorado, I realized that I have all these pictures of Cole’s trip in 2006.  Since that pre-dates this blog, I decided to go ahead and post them this week.  That way one day when my kids are looking for pictures of themselves, they will be able to find all of their backpacking trips.  I may not be able to bring the same fairness to the baby book situation, but at least these milestone trips will be recorded. Cole was 9 when he rolled out in vans with this … Continue reading