Aberdeenshire Walk, Shire, Noth o' Tap, #48walks

Aberdeenshire Walk (10/48)

March Walk Aberdeenshire, Tap o Noth, #48walks

I promise to make up for all my winter whining about the weather by being ridiculously happy about all the days full of skies this blue.

Yesterday at church, Simon’s sweet teacher told us we needed to enjoy days like these because they are so few and far between, so we spent every possible minute yesterday afternoon under these sweeping blue skies.

Aberdeenshire Walk, Shire, Tap o' Noth, #48walks

We climbed to the tops of two different hills and I don’t know why but I am still surprised to find the remains of ancient fortresses on so many of Scotland’s hilltops. Crazy winds make me wonder if the structures were for hiding from the elements or defending one’s land. Or both.

We use them to hide from the wind and imagine our own battles.

Aberdeenshire Walk, Shire, Dunnideer, #48walks

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PS Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! New piece about Ireland on Medium this week! And loads more on Ireland in the archives. We are super excited that we will be walking in Ireland again over our Easter Holidays!