Spring, In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline

Spring, In The Pipeline

Happy One Week Until It’s Officially SPRING!

Thank you Lord!

In addition to all things spring, I am in love with the most random things on the internet this week y’all:

This video about what happened to Casey when he left his stuff in a NYC cab.

I first discovered Casey’s YouTube channel through Leif Petterson. Leif has been tweeting a roundup of his favorite posts from 8 years of travel writing on his blog, Killing Batteries and I have found them to be pretty hysterical. (Somewhat irreverent, lots of profanities.)

Love this practice of taking Lent to the streets.

Also, Shane Claiborne on Pope Francis YES!

I met Joe in London because we were both chosen to blog for First Choice this year, and he is back from Thailand and sharing his incredible photos. Who’s ready to go?

Related: I would also happily go on this soulful trip to Bali.

An outdoor camping festival for bloggers? Yes please.

Food to make super soon. Oh and Irish Coffee for St Patrick’s Day!

I was crazy excited this week to be a part of a Yes and Yes: True Story! and to have a photograph featured on Maria Falvey’s site of photos, haikus and short stories (SUCH a great combo!)

The weather has been so fabulous this week, so I’ve logged just under 30 miles of walking. I’m trying to bump it up for a long walk that I will tell you all about next week!

Lots of fun photos and walks in our walking community!

Have a great weekend y’all!