Pure Charity {Ten Dollar Tuesday}


We are almost finished with Month 2 of Seven, which has been insanely easy compared to Month 1.  I haven’t heard anywhere near the amount of complaining that went on while we were only eating seven foods!

Still, I know there are a few gals who are going to be happy to throw these shirts into the bottom of their closets for a while.  (I personally am feeling like I could choose one t-shirt to wear every month for the next twelve months just to hang on to the ease of getting dressed during Month 2. I LOVE not thinking about it!)

But before I say goodbye to these lovely Pure Charity t-shirts, I wanted to highlight one more time what an easy way Pure Charity is to give.

So for Ten Dollar Tuesday, I am giving $10 to Pure Charity to be designated to a girls’ home in Indonesia.  This specific project is for a generator in a home where girls live who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  I chose this project by searching for something nearby our sweet exchange student, Vitara, who lived with us last year.  Kinda random, but since I am already praying for someone in Indonesia, this project jumped out at me.

If you haven’t already signed up to have a portion of money you are already spending designated to go to Pure Charity, just click on the links to do it!  It’s such an easy way to give!  You can download a plugin so you know what websites are supporting Pure Charity.

Also, here’s a video about how it all works.

Pure CharityBe sure and follow me on Pure Charity if you sign up so I can follow you back!