Miracles on Maple Hill

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Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen was our latest evening read aloud at the Chino House.  An old favorite, this book won the Newberry medal in 1957.

It is a precious story of a family who returns to the mother’s ancestral home in the country when the father has trouble re-entering life after being in a POW camp in the war.

Marly, the young daughter, is the chief observer of the miracles on Maple Hill, which are all the simple gifts of nature, like maple syrup from tree sap, the first signs of spring, or a huddle of baby foxes.

The daily treasures of life in the country, and the delight of having the time to notice the wonder, bring about a healing to the family that is the real miracle of the story.

It is as sappy sweet as syrup and we loved it so much we could taste the first run of the sap from the maple trees in our hearts!

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