Boots in the Sun

cowboy boots and sunshine, cowboy boots and yellow, boots and jeans, boomers and grandkids

This part 2 of my parents’ anniversary Boot Shoot with Whitney. Yesterday was Boots in the Rain, but we got rewarded for braving the rain with some amazing sunlight.  The kind that only comes after the rain.

My parents are looking at Mary Polly who had wandered up the riverbank a little bit to play.  While these pictures were being taken I was standing somewhere behind Whitney just soaking in the beauty of this moment.  LOVE!

boots in the sunlight, cowboy boot love on the dock, rainbow over Arkansas River

More magic!  So lovely.  And a rainbow!

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While they were sitting on the dock in the sun, the rain was still falling on them.  Little happy raindrops on their clothes.  This is sweet to me.

cute baby boomers, redhead and yellow sweater

My mama does not have hardly a gray hair on her red head, but it’s not from a lack of worrying, I can tell you that for sure.  (She and her sister both have beautiful red hair.  It keeps them looking young for sure.) Mama is a Southern woman through and through, though she might not think of herself as such.  She could stop hollering at us mid-sentence to answer the phone in a voice as sweet as honey.  She could listen to someone for an hour on the phone with soft Mmm-hmms and Oh dears and then pick right back up where she left off with us when she hung up.  This used to infuriate me to no end.  Thankfully, these days I am usually on the receiving end of her sweeter side.

Daddy is as strong as an ox, with a will to match.  He is currently spending any spare moment he can find building an adult guest lodge at Castle Bluff, a camp that has primarily served students for the last 30 years.  We’ll be heading up there soon for our youth camps, where we’ll be able to hear the sound of Daddy’s hammer swinging in the background.  If you talk to him for more than 10 minutes, you can bet he’ll have you packing your power tools and coming up to help him sometime real soon.

cowboy boots on a dock, walking in the rain, green and umbrella and boots, sweet picture

Graceful, Steel Magnolia + Bull in a China shop.  Mama and Daddy are about as different as two people can be, but they’ve learned to laugh about it.  I’m glad they still have a lot of years ahead to appreciate each others differences.

sweet couple in the rain, baby boomers, cowboy boots on fifty somethings, cowboy boots on sixty something couple, umbrella, rainy day love, yellow and jeans and boots

Boot Details: Mama is wearing my Ariat Legends from Country Outfitter, and Daddy is wearing Ariat Men’s Ramblers, also courtesy of Country Outfitter.  They were given to us by Country Outfitter, but we really do love ’em!  I’ll be doing a Country Outfitter Giveaway starting October 8th, so check back soon for a chance to win your own cowboy boots!
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