planting dandelions {revisited}

I read this lovely book last year when it came out, but my turn at hosting book club just rolled around this month so I was excited to revisit the stories in this fun memoir in order to discuss it with friends last week.  I always enjoy my book club gals.  They are a great mix of incredibly intelligent (and very busy) ladies from all walks of life.  I knew they would love the stories Kyran Pittman tells in her book and I felt sure they would all benefit from taking a break from their busy schedules to laugh (or maybe cry) while reading it.

And…the best bit was that the author was gracious enough to come and visit with us!  We had such a lovely time.  Everyone agreed that Kyran was as delightful in real life as she is on the pages of her book.  We enjoyed asking her questions and sharing similar stories from our lives.

Also, she signed our books!  So now we’re all super famous.  Or our book club is famous.  Or something like that.

If you’re jealous and you wish you had you very own signed copy of the newly released paperback version of Planting Dandelions, don’t worry!  You can pop in on Kyran Pittman at a book signing that is happening this Saturday (February 18th) at Wordsworth Books and Company in Little Rock at 1pm.

And if you still haven’t read Planting Dandelions, then you should probably stop what you’re doing right now and take care of that.  She’ll hook you with the introduction, I promise.