It’s been a while since I made a grateful list here.  December is so full that I want to stop and record at least a few of the little wonders of each day.

Here are a few things I put on my list today.

Covering my parents’ kitchen with crayon art, 8 gingerbread houses and 125 mini chocolate peppermint cupcakes.

Seeing my brother and my daughter work together on a project.

Tara making her first gingerbread house.

Time for trying to copy things from Pinterest.

Talking about celebrating Advent as a family with other women.

Watching a roomful of parents and children decorate cookies and then show them off to each other.

Teaching friends how to make an easy appetizer for the holidays. (Recipe coming soon!)

Reading one of my favorite Christmas stories aloud to Mamas who are learning to celebrate Christmas with little ones.

Showing off Mary Polly’s homemade nativity.  (You can make one too with this free printable! Start collecting empty toilet paper rolls.)

140 cupcakes already pre-ordered!

photo by Whitney Loibner