here come the cupcakes

photo by Whitney Loibner

Christmas is coming! And so are the cupcakes.

The sale is happening on December 23rd right here at the Chino House!

This year the money for our Cupcakes for a Cause is going to five different places.

Each child has picked out a charity they want to support with this year’s sale.

Simon will be buying a sheep from The Heifer Project.

Ben is sending his portion to Our House Shelter, a local homeless ministry.

Mary Polly is excited about supporting a mission for women in Honduras.

Cole wants to put his part towards clean water through World Vision.

Vitara was moved by an effort our church is supporting this Christmas to build a children’s home for orphans in India.

photo by Whitney Loibner

photo by Whitney Loibner

So, get your orders in soon.

Cupcakes are $2 each

Chocolate with Very Dark Chocolate Frosting

Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Frosting

Chocolate with Peppermint Frosting


We sell out every year, so get your order in ahead of time!  (Also, preorders help us figure out things like how many pounds of powdered sugar to buy.  Last year: 60 pounds!)

photo by Whitney Loibner

The best way to place your order is to email me:

alisonchino at gmail dot com

photo by Whitney Loibner

We can’t wait to box up some Christmas cheer for you to spread!  LOVE!