bake sale

We had so much fun last Saturday at our church’s Christmas brunch and holiday handmade shopping event.

Whitney and Taido took lots of cutie instagrams of our goodies.  Here’s a few.

Kindell and Mary Polly sold all of the cake pops they made.  They were so cute! And the girls did a great job working our table.  They handed out samples and talked people into eating cupcakes for breakfast. LOVE!

Now we’re gearing up for our BIG cupcake sale which will be on December 23rd.  This year the kids are all choosing different charities to give our cupcake money to so we will split it five ways.  Some of them are still choosing projects but Simon knows he wants to get a sheep from Heifer.  We’ll start taking cupcake orders any time but look for official details next week.

I’m doing a few orders before that date for just chocolate and for individually wrapped iced sugar cookies, so if you have a special event you need treats for, let us know.

The best way to contact us for cupcake orders is through email:

alisonchino at gmail dot com

You can tell it’s the holidays by the faint taste of powdered sugar on the rim of my coffee cup.  There is a thin layer covering my kitchen at the moment.