on the taylor river

A huge highlight of our time in Colorado was white water rafting with Three Rivers Outfitters on the Taylor River.

We LOVE white water rafting, and as Simon is still a little young for real rapids, it was a huge treat for Peter and Whitney to let him hang with them while I went along with the big guys for the day.

These pictures are from the rafting company.

I love all the kids’ facial expressions so much.

Bailey looks like she is fighting some sort of battle.  Ben looks terrified. Mary Polly is screaming.  Cole and Tony go back and forth between laughing and being shocked by the very cold water.

We don’t white water raft every time we go to Colorado, but we always love it when we do.

The Taylor River was so beautiful.  I would love to go back and do the longer version of this float trip. We also had a perfect, sunny day so we weren’t miserably cold when we got wet.

Tony and Mary Polly even jumped in the water when we were stopped for a break.

They were not in long, as the water was ICY!

Our guide, Adam, was amazing.  He’s been doing this for several years and he impressed us with his knowledge of the river.

And we impressed him with our stellar paddling.

Before we would go through a tough spot, he would prep us with instructions that required all my brain power to remember.  Afterwards, he would always compliment us on how well we did.

Next year Simon will be old enough to do some of the rafting trips.

I’m hoping he’s over his aversion to water on his face by then.