hairspray giveaway

Hairspray opens next weekend at The Rep (Arkansas Repertory Theatre) and will run through May 8th.

The Rep has had an incredible season this year.  Mary Polly and I have seen Hamlet and A Raisin in the Sun and we were blown away by both shows.

We were already anticipating going to Hairspray when we were invited by The Rep and Little Rock Family to attend the Mom and me event that is happening next Saturday afternoon.

There will be lunch.

There will be shopping.

There will be hairspray. (tiny little happy bottles of hairspray)

And there will be a matinee showing of Hairspray.

I am super excited to announce that The Rep is allowing me to give away TWO TICKETS to see the show on Saturday, April 9th at this special event.

Shopping and lunch begin at 12.

The show starts at 2.

Mary Polly and I will be there!  Don’t you want to go with us??

Leave a comment on this blog post to enter the drawing between now and Friday, April 1st.

I’ll draw a name over the weekend.

My friends Savannah and Sarabeth are giving away tickets on their blogs too, so go visit for more chances to enter!

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31 Responses to hairspray giveaway

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  2. Julie Young says:

    oooooh pick me!! I want to go!!!

  3. Michelle Foster says:

    The Rep
    Hanging with you and Mary Polly
    Sounds like fun to me!

  4. arkansaseden says:

    I would LOVE to see you and Mary Polly (and maybe Ben?? Please?!) at Hairspray! Crossing my fingers as we speak.

  5. Melissa says:

    I would love to go!!! I think Arianna would love it too!!

  6. Melany Shelton says:

    I wonder if they still sell “Liquid Concrete” that us El Dorado girls used? My hair would stay poofed up and out for 4 days straight!

  7. jennholsted says:

    Pick me! I’m about out of hairspray so could use the free sample.

  8. thehappeningsofthejames says:

    Sounds like a great time. fingers crossed :)

  9. ALISON! It’s so nice of you to do this! We LOVED the movie, and would LOVE even MORE to see this on stage! My daughter and I would love to end up with your tickets. :-) *fingers crossed*

  10. Shell says:

    Awesome! I bought 2 tix at the Ballet Ar silent auction and trying to decide if I should just take Em or get a few more. If you gals are going to the mom and me thing we might too.

  11. Sweet! Sounds like great fun!

  12. Randi M. Romo says:

    Would love to take “BabyGurl” to see this show!

  13. Mandy says:

    I’d love to go, pick me!

  14. Cary says:

    Sounds like fun!

  15. Tammy Dobbs says:

    I would love to go!!!

  16. Charity DeLaughter says:

    My mom is in remission and I would love to be able to take her out so she can enjoy herself like she use to be able to do. Pick me so I can make my mom happy.

  17. Becky Perez says:

    Now wouldn’t this be super fun! And my mom is coming in from out of town and this was an activity I wanted to do with her. I’m crossin my fingers :)

  18. MandaMadge says:

    What a FUN idea!

  19. Lauren Hardin says:

    I want this sooo bad! After a rough year of my mom battling cancer, it would be wonderful to get to treat her to something special! :)

  20. Shiree Lawson says:

    This play will be a Blast. i love the Movie…Grease!!!!

  21. NMC says:

    I love the Rep and all the wonderful shows that they bring to the Rock.

  22. Bailey Via says:

    Woohoo here’s my comment!

  23. Arkansas says:

    I love the REP and what they do for the Arts in Little Rock!

  24. Christen Bufford says:

    The only thing better than hairspray……. that’s me!!!!

  25. Diane Heffington says:

    I want to win! Pick me, Alison!

  26. donna says:

    i’m in

  27. Cathy lamb says:

    Hey Thanks for the reminder. I would love to go to Hairspray.

  28. Carol Shaw says:

    Very Fun!!!!

  29. Shana Killingsworth says:

    My drama queen here and I would LOVE to go! Pick me! Pick me!

  30. Natalie Carr says:

    Thank you for the chance to get free tickets to a show that I can’t wait to see! Much love.

  31. Natalie Carr says:

    Thank you for giving tickets away to a show that I want to take my girls to. I’m so excited to see who gets them. Much love.

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