it has indeed ruled us all

So the second thing I am going to remember forever about Christmas 2009 is that we finally let our kids watch The Lord of the Rings.

On six different nights over Christmas break we curled up together and watched the whole extended version.

The boys had been begging for a while, but only Cole had read all the books.

We read The Hobbit aloud last fall.  But then somewhere in the middle of reading The Fellowship of the Ring aloud, we caved.

And so began what has been a six month descent into Middle Earth.  Deeper and deeper.

In fact, The Lord of the Rings has so permeated our existence here at the Chino House that I can’t believe it’s only been six months since the beginning of the obsession.  It feels like Frodo and Sam have been with us for much, much longer.

When Simon rides piggyback on someone, he calls them an Ent.  And he is Pippen.

Ben wanted a bow and arrow for his birthday, like Legolas.

He also got the movie picture books for this birthday, which they have all spent hours poring over.  Simon usually falls asleep at night face down in one of them.

Everyone yells for their turn to be Aragorn in the sword fighting that occurs daily in my living room.

When Norhaine came to live with us, we had to watch the movies again so she could be introduced to them.

Ben and Cole both had them on their ipods for spring break and summer vacation this year.

They watch their favorite scenes over and over.

They quote the movies back and forth to each other all the time.

We have the music and the sheet music for piano.

Since there were no official lego sets, they have made creations of their own out legos that are from the movies.  Most often some version of Helms’ Deep is built.

Mary Polly was all in at first.  Girlfriend LOVES a good movie.  She’s used to action and adventure with three brothers around.  She appreciates a good story.

But now, she is so over it.

She and Norhaine would groan when the boys asked to watch one again.

Norhaine even joked in a recent email to me that she hoped the boys had not spent their entire summer watching The Lord of the Rings.

Not the entire summer, but much of it has been consumed with acting out these stories that never seem to grow old to boys of any age.