Children’s Books For Black History Month

During February of this year, I brought all my African-American children’s books to school.  I have lots of books on the Civil Rights Era, especially ones about desegregation.  I collected lots the year I went on a field trip to Central High School with Mary Polly’s class.  After reading Warriors Don’t Cry, I decided to find books my smaller ones could read about the same subject.  We probably have every book about Ruby Bridges that was ever written.  I am super inspired by her bravery (and her parents’ bravery), because she was just so young.

This year I discovered this new book called Sit-in that I am thrilled to share.  It is a beautiful telling of a historic sit-in 50 years ago by four college students who tried to integrate a Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.

We got it at the library, but I will probably not be able to restrain from adding it to our collection by the time Black History Month rolls around next year.

Maybe I’ll even pop in my old class for a little story time.