Do you ever feel like you missed something?

Or like you’re just a few steps behind?

Often I find myself thinking that if I just had a few extra days with no commitments that I could catch up.

Or I catch myself wishing that I could go back in time and experience an event again, just a little more slowly so I can soak it up.

Sometimes life goes by too fast.

Well, over here at the Chino House, three out four kiddos have started school (can I get a shout out for some year round schooling!?!) and it’s too hot outside to exercise, and I’m not going back to Colorado (sigh), so I’m declaring it to be a month of flashbacks.

About a year ago, I was gearing up to start working full time, and over the next 10 months I severely neglected (along with many other things) my writing.

In fact, I am fully aware and able to humbly admit that at this point, were it not for a couple of vacations and the AMAZING photography of my dear friend and SIL, Whitney Loibner, that I would no longer even have a blog.  (If you look over the sparse posts from the last year, you can see that I leaned heavily on Whit for material.)

But many mildly interesting and trivial events have occurred at the Chino House in the last year that have not been recorded.


I am going to

and blog the entire year (August 2009-July 2010) in one short month, posting every day (hopefully).  Even though this sort of virtual scrapbooking has the potential to be slightly, well…boring, I hope to feel at the end of it like I’ve regained this year of my life of which I currently have no written record.

Because if I haven’t written about it, then in about 3 years minutes , it will be to me as if it didn’t happen.

This, my friends, is a combination of really bad memory and just pure crazy.  Usually, I am all for moving forward and on to the next thing and all that.  But I’m making an exception in favor of a little personal therapy.

So, if you’re feeling like you’ve lost part of your life (or just a memory or two), I invite you to join in on

a few ground rules:

(these are meant to be more like guidelines, which you are naturally welcome to bend or break to your own blogging/journaling needs)

  • Blog every day in August 2010 (that’s the goal…if I don’t say it out loud, I won’t do it!)
  • Blog flashback posts: events from the last year or from ANY year.  Blogging memories from childhood all month would also be fun!
  • Reposts TOTALLY allowed: on days when life just gets in the way of writing OR if you just want to preserve the chronology of the events of the year with posts you already wrote.
  • Leave me a comment or link back here so I will know that YOU too are flashing back.  Selfishly, this will totally encourage me to keep writing too!

So here we go, going back to live in the past like Uncle Rico.