pizza and burritos

For the most part, we have cooked our food this week in our condo.  It’s a treat to cook when I’m this relaxed, and with the mountain views out the kitchen windows.  Also, I love turning on the oven and the stove without worrying about how much hotter it will make my kitchen (a constant concern back home these days).

But we have a couple of favorite spots to eat in Crested Butte that our kids were not about to let us skip out on.  Besides all the various places for ice cream and other treats, our not-to-be-missed lunches in town are the Brick Oven Pizzeria and Teocalli’s.

We used lunch at both of these places as rewards for making it through mornings of mountain biking or hiking that were particularly challenging.  Being physically exhausted always makes good food taste even better.

At the Brick Oven (which also has gluten free crust for my wheat-less friends!) we had the Elizabeth Anne (pesto, garlic and pine nuts!), a Veggilicious, Meat Lover’s (the boys) and Four Cheese.  We had the four kinds put on two large pizzas, since we had sooo many opinions about ordering.  Everyone of them was yummy.  The outside patio sits right on Elk Street, which is the main drag in Crested Butte.  I could have sat there in the sun all afternoon watching people walk and bike up the street.

At Teocalli’s, the kids all had steak burritos, which were enormous.  Taido and I shared grilled mahi mahi tacos and smothered homemade tamales.  Both were divine.

After a big lunch in town, we always head to the kids favorite place, the park.  They have had a wonderful time there every day.  Cole has proved himself not to old to play at the park.  On our last visit he even led an entire group of kids from a summer camp in a wild game of Capture the Flag, using ball caps as flags.

Oh and often when we’re in town, Taido manages to make a stop at his favorite coffee spot.  Camp 4 Coffee.