a day on the trail

Since we’re at three different schools right now, it seems like no one ever has the same days off.  So last Friday we made a day off for all of us when really only three out of seven were off.

The weather was perfect.  Spring is definitely around the corner in Arkansas.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Petit Jean to hike for the morning.  The trees still feel pretty bare.  You could see farther than usual through the woods.

It was Simon’s first real day hike on his own two legs.  He has been in the backpack for all big hikes before this, but he did great.  He loved finding the rocks to cross over a stream and stopping to inspect sticks that would serve as arrows on his “bow.”

Taido and I marveled at how much it is possible for the Lord of the Rings to inform so much of a child’s existence.  He was Aragorn and Legolas.  He talked to the trees, letting us know which ones were ents.   He yelled at no one in particular to “Cast it into the fire!”  “Destroy it!”  He hummed the music for Helm’s Deep when we entered a cave.

The big boys stayed ahead of us most of the day, rushing back now and then to tell us how slow we were progressing.

Climbing rocks and brandishing bows.

It was a beautiful day to be out and a reminder to me of why I don’t like to be too busy to enjoy being outside.  Hoping for more days like this one this spring, even a few strung together would be nice.

I think I’m missing the pop up.