all boxed up

Do you know what would make a super cute valentine?

A cupcake all boxed up with ribbon and love for $2.

And knowing that all the money from buying your valentine is going to Haiti will just make it that much sweeter.

You can get your valentine cupcake in vanilla, chocolate or chocolate peppermint at the Chino House this Saturday (Feb 13) from 4-6pm.

We should have plenty ready to go like this, but if you happen to want 6 or more of a certain kind, we’d love to know about it by noon on Friday, Feb 12th.

The very best way to let me know is to email me at:

alisonchino AT gmail DOT com

But I will also be checking facebook and this blog for orders.

Send an email if you need directions to our house or with any other questions you might have!

We can’t wait!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All pics are from my wonderful sis-in-law, Whitney Loibner, also known as the boxer upper extraordinaire!