meal planning revisited

meal planner

A little over a year ago I did a series of posts on meal planning, and I showed you this little meal planner that I use.  Some of you might have even made one and started using it!  Bravo!  If not, let me illustrate yet another reason that the meal planner is your friend.

This morning, like many Monday mornings, I flipped it open to this week and I began to figure out meals and make lists.  Immediately I noticed this list I had started last year about this time of things I wanted to prepare or purchase to take with us to ski camp for spring break.  This month I have been a little more scatterbrained busy than last year and I have had only vague and fleeting thoughts about needing to get ready for ski camp.  Getting ready for a trip, especially a road trip, always involves food.   And looky here!  There is a reminder in my normal routine about things I might need to add to the grocery list.  A list for the grocery trip that I will make before I potentially remembered on my own that we must have healthy snacks boxed and ready on Sunday, the lack of which might cause us to have to purchase a bag of something masquerading as food in the aisles of a dark and dirty filling station somewhere between here and the mountains.

This morning I was feeling less than productive as I started my day.  (I am being kind to myself to phrase it that way.)  But with the help of the last three years of menus for the third week of March and a road trip list made by someone who can read my mind about what I want to eat in the car, I was able to map out the week relatively painlessly.

If you plan your meals, I would love to hear stories of how it makes life a bit smoother at your house.

If you wish you had a meal planner, I would be so happy to email you the templates.  Just shoot me a line, and I will send them your way.