In spite of being on the couch for three days with an exploding head cold,

I have been collecting things in my heart that are making me smile.

Here they are.

here comes spring.

My front yard is almost entirely dirt and weeds, the result of children playing football and having lightsaber wars, but I have a few flower beds that are sadly neglected except for the fact that as a gift to myself a couple of years ago, I planted hundreds of bulbs in them, hearty bulbs that come up through the weeds.

It feels like they are coming back to life just for me.


When these tulips bloom again, they will remind me of so many dear friends.

Friends who live as far away as Oregon and Turkey who shared trips to Tulip Festival in Skagit County with me.  Friends who love tulips as much as me.  Friends who helped make sweet babies-in-the-tulips pictures happen two years ago.

Spring flowers remind me that winter is giving up her fight here in Arkansas, but they also represent so much more.  And the older I get, the more they make me smile.

My friend Jerusalem introduced me to this series of books that perfectly accompany the liturgical year.  This one is full of sweet stories that point to the rich moments of the Easter season, which officially begins today.

I’ve been rereading this book as a prelude to Ash Wednesday and because it is going to be our Boxed Lunch Book Club selection for March.  Order a copy yourself and please join us for lunch and discussion on March 19th.

I promise that these sweet stories will make you smile.