of poached eggs and ski valets

on the mountain.

Taido has left town again, and I realized today that unless the middle school is calling and wanting to meet with one of the gene pools of our eleven year old, the time I miss him the most is lunch.

Taido comes home for lunch almost every day.  He’s not usually here for super long, but it is a point of connection for us that I sort of take for granted.  With only Simon here, it’s almost like a date.

Lately we have been eating this wonderful dish from Smitten Kitchen that I discovered shortly after Christmas.  I almost always have the ingredients for it, and it is exactly perfect for two people.  One can tomato sauce.  Four eggs.  A handful of spinach.  Olive oil and garlic.  I tried to fix this lunch for my mom and sister in Chicago.  My mom hates garlic and butter.   I think that she has chosen these two ingredients to detest in order to personally attack me and she of course, feels that I use these two ingredients to excess as a personal affront to her.  So I made mother’s poached eggs in tomato sauce without garlic, but as I was cooking, she complained about having to smell the garlic coming from the other skillet, and somewhere in all that I realized that this meal of poached eggs in tomato sauce that has been infused with garlic and olive oil is really something that I should just save for Taido and me.

It’s our favorite lunch right now.  We eat it about twice a week, and neither of us are tired of it.  We love it equally.   Today at lunch I was not sure which I was missing more Taido or the poached eggs.  I mean, I could probably eat four poached eggs, but that would just be wrong.

He called this morning to let me know that he was heading out to the slopes.  Yes, he has gone skiing AGAIN, this time not for work, but with a friend.  I looked at the clock and I about fell over when I saw that it was about ten minutes until nine.  “What! You’re just now leaving!”  Then I remembered that he is staying in one of those places that is actually on the ski mountain.  When he gets back, you can make fun of him for being a COMPLETE drive in bad weatherSELLOUT!

We have both been raised in the ski school of thinking that goes something like this, If you didn’t wake up at 6am so you could eat breakfast, get dressed, make a sack lunch, drive an hour from your less expensive (free is better) lodgings, cram your feet in your freezing cold boots that have been in a dirty van all night, drag your skis and poles a long way through a parking lot, catch a shuttle to the bottom of a mountain and be waiting in line five minutes before the lift opens so that you can get every penny’s worth of skiing in on that insanely expensive lift ticket…well, if you didn’t go through all of that and possibly more to be on the mountain today, then you just don’t want it badly enough and should perhaps stay in the lodge and leave the mountain to those of us who take this whole skiing thing a little more seriously.

You think I’m kidding.  My dad, sister and brother have been known to eat their sandwiches on the chair lift so as to save more time for skiing by not actually STOPPING for lunch.

a few years ago.

Taido admitted to being a little embarrased that not only were his boots in a warmer all night, but some sort of ski valet person would actually be placing his skis out on the snow ready for him to put on when he emerges from his chalet.  I’ve been sending him text messages all day to the tune of, I hope you can find someone to go to the bathroom with you to wipe your rear.

And with all the luxury, somehow I seriously doubt he is wasting time bemoaning the loss of a couple of poached eggs.