thankful for him

photo by Whitney Loibner

photo by Whitney Loibner

Ben says of Taido that he is a pirate, a spy, a superhero and a ninja.

I think he’s just really cute.  Although he can do that magical thing on the computer where he sends my documents through space from my laptop to the printer.  That’s kinda superhero-ish.

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6 Responses to thankful for him

  1. beeps says:

    thankfully ben has a fantastic imagination–what a cool way to view his daddy!

  2. are you kidding me? tc is TOTALLY a ninja.

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  4. bryan jones says:

    i kinda like him, too.

  5. Taido says:

    you should be worried about alison’s lack of blog worthy material if she has to resort to undue praise of her husband. or you should worry about the fragility of said husband’s ego.

  6. Crystal says:

    ego busting…I bet she was just preoccupied doing something for you…serving instead of typing. I could see you as a ninja. Try it for Trunk or Treat next year !

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