next thing i know it will be prom pictures

Mary Polly has been playing with her little buddy Kindell since we moved back to Arkansas six years ago.  They were three years old then.  Over the past six years, they have fought like sisters and loved like puppies.  When they are together, they share everything…clothes, books, imaginations, dolls and hearts.  A year ago, Kindell and her family moved to Dallas, but this weekend they came for a visit.  The girls soaked up every minute of their time together and were all long faces today when they had to say goodbye.

On Saturday, Whitney took the Carr family photos, which I am sure she will be unveiling sometime soon on her photo blog, but as a treat, she sent me a couple of precious shots of these two dear friends.  They brought tears to my eyes.

photo by Whitney Loibner

photo by Whitney Loibner

photo by Whitney Loibner

photo by Whitney Loibner

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5 Responses to next thing i know it will be prom pictures

  1. beep says:

    oh these brought a tear to my eyes and i remember childhood friendships…how absolutely precious

  2. isn’t it amazing to see the young woman that each will become beginning to peer out from behind those beautiful eyes?

    and all I have to say is – people, we had better ALL get our pics taken by whitney before she gets famous and we can’t afford her anymore…wow.

  3. jerm says:

    loved the pics! mucho kudos to whitney! 😀 and has it been six years really? geez time flies!…

  4. Julie says:

    I remember MP tagging along with you while we worked in Cole and Noah’s Kindergarten room. She would pretend to Ms Whiteside. She looked so very grown up at he Rep. (I was sitting behind her –although did not see her until intermission).

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