quick update

Sorry, I’m not a very good blog hijacker. More like a sit-in. Anyway, the Glaciers and Grizzlies post from Alison is likely the last we’ll have from her before the epic journey wraps up on Friday.

Don’t worry. Everyone is ok. Everyone that is except for the ‘loaner’ laptop. You may remember that earlier in the summer some Seattle-ite took it upon him (or herself) to un-encumber us of our brand new laptop. A generous family member sent a spare computer our way, and the posts have been coming steady ever since.

Until a couple of days ago.

One of the bears that Alison mentioned mauled the unsuspecting VAIO.

Actually, no.

It was mishandled near a glacier and it was swallowed up by a crevasse.

That’s not quite true either.

A well aimed Sigg bottle cast from the hand of an impetuous two year old brought on the ultimate ‘Shut Down.’ I’m not kidding. That is the one-hundred percent truth.

I promise.