adventures will abound

we can only hope for so idyllic a setting now that i have shelled out over $300 for four children’s passports, i am committed.

the chino house is taking to the road for the summer. in a little over 6 weeks we will be rolling out to spend our summer in beautiful british columbia, where we will make memories that will last a lifetime and where taido will (hopefully) write a thesis that will complete a degree he began 9 years ago. the jury is still out on where (and more specifically in what) we will be living for the summer. RV? tents? BMV?

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  1. beeps says:

    and my heart will BREAK if you don’t post. you must park next to a wireless tower so you can blog…

  2. jerm says:

    yay!!! you are really going to be back in the PNW! i really wish i were much closer than I am now, but I’m so excited for you all…and all the potential for taido finishing his degree (at last) ;). please drink a ton of GREAT coffee for me, and say hello to friends :)…(hehe..can you tell i’m trying to catch up through your blog?!)

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