a week at our table, breakfast and lunch edition

a diet based on quantity rather than quality has ushered a new creature onto the world stage: the human being who manages to be both overfed and undernourished, two characteristics seldom found in the same body in the long natural history of our species.

…doctors report seeing overweight children suffering from old-time deficiency diseases such as rickets, long thought to have been consigned to history’s dustheap in the developed world. But when children subsist on fast food rather than fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more soda than milk, the old deficiency diseases return–now even in the obese.

in defense of food

and with that happy thought, here is a menu plan (per request) for one week of eating that is based on quality rather than quantity. our breakfast and lunch plans rarely vary, so i will do them first. hopefully tomorrow i will tackle dinner.

breakfast at the chino house.

monday: cereal (cheerios or better, some organic form of cheerios like trader joe’s o’s or golean with organic milk, organic soy milk or organic plain yogurt and honey) or eggs (your choice, you fix it…)

tuesday: taido’s rise and shine waffles

wednesday: cereal or eggs, same as monday

thursday: taido’s whole wheat buttermilk pancakes

friday: muffins (bran or blueberry) or scones (i usually make enough batter today for sunday morning since it is rush rush rush. i use ina garten’s scone recipes, but i substitute at least half whole wheat flour and cut the butter in half)

saturday: crepes or swedish pancakes (taido again)

sunday: muffins or scones

about once a month, one of us will make an old school high protein (and cholesterol) breakfast: bacon, eggs and homemade buttermilk biscuits cooked in a cast iron skillet greased with bacon fat. i usually feel guilty for serving this up, but after reading michael pollan’s book, there is genuinely not much wrong with this breakfast , especially when you compare it with a pop-tart and cocoa puffs. this breakfast is still real food. we just don’t eat it every day.

chino lunch.

cole: leftovers or eggs (which he makes), plain spinach leaves and a treat

ben: 1 whole organic crunchy peanut butter and organic raspberry jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread

6 baby carrots or a tupperware of spinach leaves

1/3 apple, cut up or a bunch of grapes

1 small dish cheddar bunnies

1 juice box (this is the only time my kids get juice, so it is a special treat)

a treat (one homemade cookie or one item from the treat bowl, which is jar where the kids dump all halloween, christmas, valentine, easter and birthday candy when they bring it home.)

mary polly:

1 small tupperware almonds

6 baby carrots or a tupperware of spinach leaves

1/3 apple, cut up or a bunch of grapes

1 small dish cheddar bunnies

1 juice box

a treat

simon: yogurt or applesauce, fruit, cheerios, leftovers with cole…

taido and alison: leftovers or one of about three salads. this one, my favorite salad (which i promise to post soon) or just a spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, whatever crunchy vegetables i have (celery, cucumber, carrots, turnips, red onion, bell peppers…) and annie’s goddess dressing (for which i also have a recipe).

because wasting food is pretty much paramount to murder in my book, mary polly and ben finish their lunches after school, before they dump all the dishes in the sink and put their lunch boxes away (in a perfect world). i use tupperware instead of ziplock bags so they can’t throw away food at school and because of the whole plastic in the ocean bit. (back to the toxins) also, after the initial tupperware investment, it saves money to not buy ziplock bags. simon always manages to get a decent share of ben’s leftover lunch in the afternoons. it is quickly becoming one of his favorite traditions. he is on ben like white on rice the minute the lunch box comes out of the backpack.