happy valentine’s day or at least you don’t have the plague

we had a valentine’s banquet at our church tonight, and high school students served and babysat to raise money for ski camp. it was so great…especially the babysitting. i sent my kids with taido and went to yoga. then i arrived late.

it was kind of late when i was bringing the kids home and tai had to stay and help, so i told the big kids to scoot into their pajamas and they could watch an episode of little house on the prairie while i got simon down. they were all complaining that they hadn’t really eaten because they had little caesar’s for dinner at church, which they hate because they are food snobs like me. God love ’em. so i’m thinking…i will pop some popcorn and cut up fruit when i get simon in bed and they can wind down their happy crazy sugar high day watching little house on the prairie. which is a tradition we have started since mary polly got the entire first two seasons for christmas. she was turned on to the little house by the carr gals, and i have to say that it is an obsession i can get behind. i cry at almost every episode. in fact, i would like to move to the little house. the whole show connects with something deep inside me. taido thinks i am secretly in love with charles ingalls. or that i wish he was charles ingalls. really i wish i was caroline ingalls. i love her.

anyway, i tell you all that to tell you that tonight’s episode was all about the plague coming to walnut grove through a pack of rats inside some bad corn meal. it was unusually depressing and gross, and maybe not the relaxing, popcorn and fruit eating activity i had envisioned. it was so sad that it was almost comical.

so after the boys cheered when the barn of cornmeal and rats got all burned up, we ended our valentine’s day with explanations of why we don’t have to worry about all kinds of diseases anymore because of vaccinations. so if your valentine’s day was a little crummy, as it just can be…with all that expectation and all, well…at least you don’t have typhoid.

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  1. i’ve been visiting you for some time now. i can’t quite remember how i came across you, blog hopping i’m certian. anyway, i saw this post and literally laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt.

    when i was younger, my sisters and i were faithful viewers of little house. and it NEVER failed that we ended up crying with each episode. it was like clock-work.

    in the day of yet another over-commercialized holiday? i applaud you and your children for sitting down together and hanging out. we were readers and travelors as well. our parents, although divorced? made sure we were well rounded and knew the appreciation of books above television. but occasionally a show like “little house” came our way that taught lessons as well as providing entertainment. your a great mother allison. you children will grow up and become really wonderful people.

    i aslo applaud the fact that we are spared from such horrible things a typhoid. i had to get the vaccination before moving to germany and that alone? seemed as bad as the actual plague. YEOUCH!

    keep on keeping on. your faith is a beautiful thing to me.

  2. jeanetta says:

    yes caroline was amazing that perfect combination of patience and dont mess with me. she was always so calm and understnading but if you finally pushed her too far…..
    i think my “too far” isnt far enough sometimes.

  3. that may be my mantra for today…

    at least I don’t have typhoid
    at least I don’t have typhoid

    mmmm…six words, too!

  4. alison says:

    thank you so much heather for your sweet words! as mothers, we need all the encouragement we can get.

    the world is tearing us down.

    (also six words, sb!)

  5. artsymomma says:

    I am with SB on this one. Good mantra, especially while paying bills. lol.

  6. beeps says:

    stomach virus reminds me of plague
    (my 6 words for the day)

    so obviously, david has been a little on the sickly side. positive note- LHOTP is one of my favorite shows/books ever. i have the entire printed series and re-read it every couple of years- maybe to remind myself of how good we have it now. or to remind myself of how simple things used to be….hmmm-
    i feel a post coming on (also 6 words)

  7. Suzy Oakley says:

    i cried nearly every week watching little house, too.

  8. millie says:

    i’m in. ‘cept nellie was just plain mean. (6 words, unintentional).

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