bookish discoveries

i have book-y sorts of things to share. i know you’re shocked and amazed but i cannot keep exciting book news to myself. i am about-to-pop-excited about a new penderwicks book coming out this spring. how ever will we stand the wait? and taido’s sister and mother both gave me new books to curl up with as the winter weather drones on. and one of them is by the same author as tender at the bone. can you even stand it? also, i have discovered this marvelous publication (and website) that is put out by independent booksellers from all over. the list of books recommended by this little flyer i picked up in taos was varied and unfamiliar. stories and words to be discovered. when i need to find something to read. which isn’t now. right now i have loads to read. so i tucked the flyer away for later. but thank goodness there is a website, in case i forget which book i tucked it in.

i am reading this book that makes me sad for book club and i am blogging instead of finishing it right now because i don’t want to be sad. but there are some really wonderful lines. there is one about how reading takes you away. far away from your current setting and you can be lost to your family for a little while, not in a bad way, but just in a nice sort of escape. (watching her mother read: i envy her that strange, faraway look, withdrawn from me, from us, and the silence that envelops her, the absolute stillness that suddenly come over her body.) the author also talks about how often (in her life) people (mostly men) see reading as a waste of time. that you can’t measure what you accomplished when you sat around reading for five hours. i am sad to say that i have often succumbed to this myth that something trivial must come before my reading but i have been happily gifted with ammunition this week for my hours and hours of reading instead of scrubbing.

while we were in taos, we stopped in one day at the most enchanting independent bookstore called moby dickens. isn’t that just precious? it has been there for ages. taido and his sister bought their books there on their summer vacations. upon entering the bookstore with our kids, i was as enthralled by their response to the shelves of treasures as i was by the treasures themselves. they all immediately started taking books off shelves and finding corners to read in. they were silent, except for the occasional, mama look! a new skippyjon jones! (if you haven’t met skippyjon, you really must.) they were engrossed. they were undone. completely satisfied. i have no idea how long we stayed in this little treasure of a spot, but taido kept coming back and checking on us to see if we were ready, and we never were. he was toting simon. they had to be warned. just five more minutes. that’s the last one you can look at. and finally, they were drug reluctantly from the shop. we bought a few (four to be exact) titles, two of them specific to new mexico to take back to school to share where we have been for the last week.
now why does this visit to a bookstore in taos somehow justify my own time spent sitting around reading whatever i want to read? well, i think that loving reading is caught rather than taught. maybe they all just have mine and taido’s gene that loves to read, but really, i think that cole, mary polly and ben find a stack of books and sit down to escape into them because they have seen me spending much much time doing the same. i am actually teaching my family something very important when i am sitting around reading with a cup of tea. training them to grow up and read instead of scrubbing the floor. and they are getting it. when they actually choose reading (instead of my choosing it for them) over xbox, ds, or tv, then i will know i’ve done enough reading in front of them, but our trip to the bookstore shows me that they are starting to get it. mary polly and ben stealthily drank all of my tea tonight while i read the chapter from our current book, a wonderful gift from taido’s sister. little thieves. little bookish tea slurping thieves. i love them.