my favorite shirt

icebreaker bodyfit 200

this shirt, which was purchased for me by the gearhead (actually he didn’t buy it for me. he was hoping it would fit cole, but it was too big…tant pis!), is the most wonderful piece of clothing on earth. i think that everyone should own one. even if it is like $60. (i know someone who can get it cheaper…in fact, if you need to know anything about this sort of gear, taido is currently reading to the point of memorizing his 2008 gear guide from backpacker magazine.) it is the most absolutely perfect shirt for traveling. even though it is thin, it is quite warm since it is wool and so soft! also, it fits nicely…mine is a men’s small which i love b/c they are making shirts fitted for men now, but it is LONGER than a womens’ shirt, thus saving me from the humiliating lifting above my stick-out-belly-pooch. also, it breathes and airs itself out when draped over a chair at night, so you can wear it tomorrow. it does not hold smell. i’m serious. it really doesn’t smell…even if you wear it for several days. i tested this out in taos and remember, i stopped wearing deodorant last year, so for it not to smell is saying a lot! it’s made this way for campers and backpackers who wear the same thing every day without much showering. and this is me in the winter friends. i don’t shower much and i like to pick the clothes up off the floor and wear them again. now i have something to drop on top of my favorite pair of jeans in the pile by my bed. i am cutting way back on my laundry. another way of saving the earth (and my sanity, since i am doing laundry for 6). now if only i can find them in children’s sizes. and school uniform colors…

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  6. Rose says:

    Many womens do yoga training so i thing this shirt is great for training I like this shirt

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