cleaning up

i’m stuffed.

yesterday i could barely move.

this morning was brutal. baby up before 5am, school children dragging out past 7…barely moving.


so…here’s what i’m hoping to keep out of my system this week in a small attempt to help with the stuffed bird-just want to stay in bed-there’s not enough coffee in the world-feeling:

white flour.




sugar…except chocolate of course.

hunks of meat.

just in case you are eating at my house this week, you can come prepared:



wheat berries.

whole wheat flour.



more vegetables.

two different soups for cleansing are simmering as we speak. or write. they are variations of other recipes i use frequently based on what i actually have around, since the weather is miserable and i don’t want to go anywhere, even for leeks. these are so easy because i’ve eliminated oil and butter so there is no sauteing ahead of time. just throwing everything in. very simple, but so good for us.

1. french vegetable

onion, roasted pumpkin (i roasted my centerpiece), celery root, 2 potatoes, 1 granny smith apple (peeled and quartered), 1 quart free range chicken broth and herbes de provence…simmer everything and puree. soooooooo easy.

2. beef barley

2 large cans tomatoes, small can tomato juice, beef broth, 10 minced cloves garlic, 3 chopped green peppers, 2 cups frozen green beans, barley, oregano and basil. simmer until peppers and garlic are soft.

so the kids might not be jumping for joy when they ask what we’re having for dinner. but at least we will all feel good. and then maybe tomorrow morning when i wake up, i’ll be better suited to face everything else… messy house, children who don’t want to go to school, commitments i don’t want to keep, dreary weather…