slugs and bugs and lullabies

Several weeks ago I went to hear a favorite singer/songwriter of mine (Andrew Peterson) play at a church in town.  My dad, my aunt, Peter and Whitney and even my grandmother all went along with me.

The whole evening was great. It was a very intimate setting, which just makes you feel like you are getting to know the person playing. I have listened to his music for a long time…ever since I heard a song of his that was played as the background to a slideshow of our returning mission team’s trip to honduras in 2002. The song just kind of haunted me and when I found out who sang it, I started listening to all of his music. So it was so fun to hear a lot of the stories behind songs I’ve known for a long time, even ones I talked about here this summer.

At the concert, and i discovered that he has a children’s album, Slugs, Bugs and Lullabies. So I bought it on a whim. My kids are sort of past listening to “children’s” music. Let’s face it. Taido’s had them singing along to rap music for quite some time now. so I wasn’t sure that they would go for my new kinder-music. but I put it in my car anyway, and it is so cute.

It is not annoying at all…just fun. and hysterical. We all love it, especially ben. he’s memorized most of the songs, you know, in case he gets the opportunity to make someone laugh sometime soon. He’ll be ready. Our favorite is The Boy who was Bored.