crested butte yoga, part 4

oh my final yoga class in colorado.

it fell at 4 pm, after we’d finished our grueling day of climbing at around 2 pm. in a normal world, the one i live in most of the time, i would never have made it. i could barely walk. i could feel my legs stiffening up. but in vacation world, this was my last chance at yoga in crested butte, my last chance for a while at bikram, since i have researched and there is none to be found in little rock (shocker), and my last session with the very kind and oh so knowledgeable adria. so i dragged myself off the park bench…oh the kids had no problem hopping up to go play at the park after the day of climbing…and went on over to the yoga studio.

as soon as i went in, i was glad i had come. the heat really relaxed my aching muscles, which were already beginning to grow stiff. just three people in class made for a relaxed afternoon. we each got a lot of personal attention. i need a lot because i am doing everything all wrong, but i think that adria really helps people improve from where they are. it is amazing to me how personalized yoga can be.

i was very shaky. all the postures on my legs were a complete mess. balancing on one tired leg took every little thing in me and i was still toppling over. you seem to have lost your balance today, alison. when we moved to the floor postures, i was so relieved. i love the floor poses. i think they might be my favorite. now i could just relax and enjoy my final yoga class. you pause and rest between each pose and i would just fall into the floor and smile. thank you God for this wonderful place, this floor that is even a little familiar to me now.

now this is why i love yoga. before i went to class, i pretty much felt like i’d been hit by a mac truck. i was achy all over. i just wanted to go to bed. but somehow, after yoga, i didn’t feel that way anymore. i was tired but not stiff and achy. it’s amazing to me how restoring yoga is for your muscles. so good.

so i said thank you and goodbye to adria. she hugged me, an incredibly generous gesture considering the whole sweating thing, and i told her i hoped i’d be back some day. and Lord willing, i will be.

wanna go?