monday blue

well, mary polly may think i hung the moon right now, but cole’s last words to ben last night were, “we have the worst mom, ever!” one thing i’ve learned in the last year is that out of four, at least one is going to be causing problems. there’s just no way for all four to be happy and at peace with the world at one time. things didn’t start much better for cole this morning. his first words: “those darn chicks are giving me a headache with their chirping.” when people start out a little grouchy in our house, it is best to start over. i say all the time that gratefulness is the antidote to a bad attitude…the homeschool journal topic for today, “five things for which i am grateful.” so i’m taking my own medicine this morning.

1. my church…i love my church, and our service was so beautiful yesterday. i felt deeply throughout the whole morning. we sang music i loved, saw a piece i loved and were encouraged to seek for more out of life with Jesus than just a ticket to heaven…real life…life to the full. i am in.

2. baby chicks…or mary polly’s devotion to the baby chicks. it is just sweet. even if yes, the chirping is a little annoying.

3. friends who feed us…both food and love. we ate lunch and dinner somewhere else yesterday. and we won’t be home for dinner tonight. it is a treat indeed. not to cook or mess up my clean kitchen.

4. this question in my bsf lesson this morning, (based on romans 15:33) “in what area of your life will you ask the God of peace to minister to you today?” i didn’t have to search too long to come up with an answer for that one…

5. fresh eggs, feta cheese and fresh basil. hot coffee. of course.

i’ll let you know what cole comes up with to be thankful for today.