sunshine and lulu

sunshine and lulu

this is my daughter who loves animals. a few weeks ago her best friend got five baby chicks and mary polly fell in love. she has wanted to go and visit those chicks every minute that she can. this child has loved animals for as long as i can remember. i think she got it from taido’s mom. she certainly didn’t get it from me…or from taido. we have sworn more than once that we are just not ever going to be a pet family. taking care of kids is really enough for me. but the chick thing has just not gone away. so, last week, during a particularly rocky couple of days for mary polly and me, we came up with a plan for mary polly to have a baby chick that she could raise for a little while and then her friend’s parents agreed that the chick could live in their coop when it got too big for us. that way mary polly could continue to visit and enjoy her chick.

mary polly has been waiting all week to get this chick. she’s been beside herself with excitement. she’s been extremely motivated to get her schoolwork done. she spent time doing research on taking care of baby chicks. she wrote and illustrated a paper about what baby chicks need. so last night we were making our plans to head to the beebe flea market to buy a baby chick and we decided, through much deliberation, that we would all go. i was trying to create some sort of camaraderie about this experience for her. it’s her first pet, her first time to name an animal (she had “lulu” all picked out), our first time to let an animal in our house for crying out loud. so, with some dragging of the male feet in our household we headed out early this morning to beebe.

now this place is something to behold. if you have never been there, well, i think you might should go. you could possibly make a case for the homemade fried pies for one dollar being enough reason to wander out there. there are stands and stands of random treasures (read: junk) and then a whole lane of all different kinds of animals for sale, some (puppies and kittens) for free. you know when you’ve reached the animals by the smell. mary polly picked her chick out immediately from a lady who was selling rabbits, baby ducks and baby chicks. the lady talked us into buying two chicks because she said that one would be lonely…we can’t be having that. she wrapped them in paper towels and told me to stick them in my bra to keep them warm. and the crazy thing is that i did. mary polly couldn’t believe it. the lady said that she once rode all the way from missouri with baby chicks in her bra and they did just fine. well, there you go. we bought some eggs from her and then we went to a different stand to get feed while the boys explored other stands. the chicks were $1.25 each. the feed was $1.00. the eggs were $1.50 for a dozen. then we bought fried pies for $1.00 each…apricot and lemon. but the best (and most surprising) deal of the day was that among a row of old cowboy boots and work boots, taido found a pair of hiking boots…italian made, la sportiva, regularly like $200 boots…and they were his size! he tried them on right there in the the mud, among the old dishes and animal feed, and he bought them…for $25. taido has been ordering, trying on and sending back boots for almost a year now, since he blew out his old faithful vasque boots on a mountain in colorado last summer. he had those boots for over 10 years, since before we were married. it was a sad day when the seam ripped open on one of them. he had to duct tape the boot to finish the climb. since then, i can’t even guess how many pairs of boots he has tried on. he even took a pair hiking and then came home, cleaned them up and sent them back. could the search for the perfect pair of boots have finally ended at the beebe flea market this morning…and for only $25??? well, we won’t know until they spend three weeks in colorado this summer, but i’ll let you know how they handle. in the meantime, i got to name chick #2. we’re calling her “sunshine.”

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  1. sarabethjones says:

    that sounds sooooo wonderful! we’re going to have to go.

    but i will not be putting any baby chicks in MY bra. that’s for sure.

  2. Jerusalem says:

    Oh what fun! I have to go to this flea market – but I am with Sarabeth – no chicks in my bra this go round. Lol. Can’t wait to meet Lulu and Sunshine. What great names : )

  3. dh says:

    great story — you are a farm family for sure — you might want to get the kids in a local FFA chapter — my favorite part of the story, though, is Taido and the boots — you have to let us know how that works out!

  4. milliej says:

    great. hope bailey & chipper don’t get wind of the chicks. otherwise, they’ll try to talk me into driving all the way to beebe just to shove some chicks in my bra for the drive home. let’s keep this pretty quiet, k?

  5. Kelly S. says:

    I love the pic with Mary Polly. She has such a sweet spirit – even surrounded by boys! I have trouble visualizing you protecting the little chicks in your bra, and I’m not sure I should be trying to visualize that anyway. What a sweet mom you are for doing that. MP will never forget it.

  6. kristen wong says:

    okay, i had to bust out laughing when i read that the lady told you to put the chicks in your BRA! i had to cry laughing when you actually did it! that’s so funny for so many reasons. the things we do for our kids!

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