glowing warming

mary polly’s drawing of global warming

okay, last night the kids and i watched an inconvenient truth. we were despondent. i’m sorry for whatever mary polly says to you in the next few days about the car you drive. today the kids wrote about it in their journals and researched what we could do to stop global warming. taido rode his bike today to work with the kids applauding from the porch, no kidding. they’ve been giving him a hard time for driving a big mongo van. it was great.

mary polly drew this picture this morning. can you see the little girl crying because her ice cream is melting from the rising temperatures? or how about the polar bear on the bottom right who is drowning because all of the ice is melting? that’s my girl!

here are excerpts from the kids’ journals today:

last night we watched a movie about glowing warming. there was a funny scene. a sun man came to earth and then when the sun man was going back to the sun, these green guys said, “not so fast!” and punched the sun man down. also, a girl’s ice cream melted. it was a man who ran for president who was telling the people about the glowing warming. we should go around and tell people about the sun getting trapped by the leaks all over the earth. ben (5 yrs)

global warming is ruining our world! we need to take care of our world! some people don’t even care! mary polly (7 yrs)

if we want to stop global warming, there are a lot of things we can do. we can stop driving cars and stick to walking and bike-riding. you can plant trees. you can also stop littering. don’t smoke. clean your filters. also, you should not waist electricity. cole (9 yrs)